Appointments on Penji

Intuitive, mobile-first appointment scheduling.

Penji acts as a wrapper around your sessions, providing profiles, scheduling, chat, file-sharing and more. We're optimized for both 1-on-1 and small group formats.

We believe that mobile tech has the power to redefine college tutoring, normalizing the experience and reducing perceived stigma. We've seen immediate, real-world impact on our partners programs, and would love the chance to get yours set up.

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Home Screen

Start a new booking and manage activity.

Pick a Time

From the availability of all tutors for a selected course

Session Details

Info on your session; locations can be Zoom or in-person

Student Scheduling Demo

Easy setup and a free pilot

We think you'll love Penji. We can get you a test environment within a week, and because we don't require "high-impact" student data, IT review is (mostly) painless.