Our Response to COVID-19

We recently learned that CU Boulder will move their teaching and learning completely online for the remainder of the semester. This decision has a dramatic impact on CU's largest learning center, ASAP Tutoring, whom our platform supports. After speaking with the ASAP lead, we've decided to entirely focus on completing an update and transition plan to move all of their tutoring operations online by March 18th.


In an effort to meet the widespread need for rapid digitization, we've decided to offer Penji free of charge for the Spring and Summer of 2020. We hope this will give enough time to establish the appropriate transition plan while providing continuous support to students.


Here's how shifting your tutoring to Zoom will work with Penji. We can help 1-on-1, small-group, and drop-in programs shift all sessions to Zoom within a few weeks. We'll create a unique @yourschool.edu environment in our mobile app. You'll be able to configure this in the admin panel, including authorizing certain student emails as tutors. Then, you can have your current tutors and students sign up for a Penji account. Tutors will authorize their Zoom accounts in-app, which are used to automatically generate links for their scheduled sessions. For drop-in tutoring, students will check into a queue and generate their own Zoom meeting, which the tutor will join when it is that student’s turn.


While Penji is a business, our intent has and will always be to help students. Please feel free to use our platform as a temporary solution as you consider the best path forward, even if you have no intention of using or paying for Penji in the future.


My email is ben.h@penjiapp.com; my direct line is (925)-519-4859. Please reach out if you'd like support, technical input, or general advice as you work through this process.


Best of luck,

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Ben Holmquist