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Updated: Jan 27, 2020

At Penji, we've spent 3 years marketing our tutoring platform directly to student on campus. In the Fall of 2019, we integrated our software with ASAP Tutoring at CU Boulder to improve student utilization; in our first semester with ASAP, their utilization nearly doubled, in part due to Penji's mobile-first experience, but also in part due to ASAP's excellent job ramping up new marketing tactics. This guide distills what Penji has done, and what ASAP has done, to successfully raise awareness amongst the student body.

Monthly Newsletters

Do you have the ability to email students in your target campus demographic? If so, then a monthly newsletter is a great way to keep students engaged, and to help them recall that your services exist. Be human - share what's happening at your center, what new tutors you've hired, any testimonials from recent students you've helped. As students get to know you, they will feel more comfortable engaging with your services. This also a good exercise as a personal monthly journal and culture-building piece for your group.

Marketing in Dorms

In no other place on campus are your target market so concentrated and so open to trying new things! If your center serves freshman, reach out to dormitory leadership, or individual RA's, and request distribution of materials. These can be info cards on the front desks, or ideally individual fliers on some or all of the student's doors. This was very successful for ASAP Tutoring.

Lecture Hall Presentations

Faculty are often happy to allow presenters to come into class. At Penji, even when we weren't formally partnered with CU Boulder, we'd systematically research the target classes (course times and locations are usually public), put that all into a spreadsheet, and email the faculty members of each to request permission to present. If the faculty doesn't reply, you have the option of simply going to the lecture and requesting the presentation just before start time. We saw about 50% "yes" replies in this same-day method.


This one you may know and do, but nothing beats initiating conversations with students. And students like free stuff! So get some pens, stickers (5,000 for $200, recently, for us), or even donuts or other food, and start engaging directly with students.

These four have been the most effective. If you'd like to dig in, don't hesitate to reach out at and I can share more details. Best of luck!


Ben Holmquist

January 27, 2020

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