Training Resources

This page contains up-to-date training resources for administrators, tutors, and students.

For Administrators


Create an account at using your school email address.


Log in to the admin dashboard using the password you just created at


Upload your program's information (courses, tutors, locations, etc.) via .csv files. 


Invite your tutors to create accounts and share the mobile or web app with students.

Additional Resources

Data and Reporting (video):

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I add generic courses, like "Writing Help" or "Math"?

A: Yes! When you upload your courses you can add generic topics instead of specific courses. For a complete explanation, this is covered in our admin overview video as well as the written admin guide

For Tutors


Download the mobile app, or sign up online at


Input your appointment availability via the 'Calendar' tab, as instructed by your director.