Steph Cardinalli

Chemistry, Geology

CSU Class of 2021






Math in the Social Sciences (GT-MA1), Logarithmic and Exponential Functions (GT-MA1), College Algebra in Context II (GT-MA1), College Algebra in Context I (GT-MA1)

CSU Course Codes

MATH 101, MATH 124, MATH 118, MATH 117

Personal Bio

Hello, I'm Stephanie. I'm a transfer student from Aptos, CA, where I graduated with two AS degrees in chemistry and geology; I wish I could study everything. I'm very good at algebra and enjoy helping others realize that they are also very good at algebra. I have tutored all ages, both in large groups and one-on-one settings, and am available to help with Math 117, Math 118, and Physics 141. I think peer learning is incredibly important and always awesome, so chat with me & teach me something!