Alex Koek

Astrophysics & Math

CU Boulder Class of 2020

153 Reviews $20/hr


Applied Mathematics, Physics, Mathematics


Calculus 1 for Engineers, General Physics 2, Calculus 3 for Engineers, Calculus 2 for Engineers, Introduction to Linear Algebra for Non-Mathematics Majors, Foundations of Modern Physics, Experimental Physics 1, Physics of Everyday Life 1, General Physics 2, General Physics 1, General Physics 1, Introduction to Linear Algebra for Mathematics Majors, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Calculus 1

CU Boulder Course Codes

APPM 1350, PHYS 1120, APPM 2350, APPM 1360, MATH 2130, PHYS 2170, PHYS 1140, PHYS 1010, PHYS 2020, PHYS 1110, PHYS 2010, MATH 2135, MATH 2300, MATH 2400, MATH 1300

Personal Bio

Hi! I love the math and physics behind everyday things as well as crazy stuff like black holes. I play guitar and try to make music, I used to play a fuckton of tennis, I love video games and Rick and Morty, and I enjoy hiking in good weather.