Andrew Harding

Integrative Physiology

CU Boulder Class of 2020

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Chemistry, Spanish, Integrative Physiology, Physics, Speech, Language & Hearing Sci, Mathematics, Philosophy, Communication


Introductory Chemistry, General Chemistry 1, Literary and Cultural Analysis in Spanish, Exercise Physiology, General Physics 1, Disabilities in Contemporary American Society, Spanish Phonology and Phonetics, General Chemistry 2, Calculus 1, Contemporary Social Problems, Discourse, Culture and Identities

CU Boulder Course Codes

CHEM 1021, CHEM 1113, SPAN 3100, IPHY 4650, PHYS 2010, SLHS 1010, SPAN 3050, CHEM 1133, MATH 1300, PHIL 1200, COMM 2400

Personal Bio

From Boulder, love climbing, snowboarding, playing soccer and just being outside. Enjoy everything CU although I graduate in the spring. After I graduate I’ll take some time off and then hit Med School for an MD!