Ankit Shukla

Mechanical Engineering

CU Boulder Class of 2020




Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics


Computer-Aided Design and Fabrication, Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematical Skills, General Physics 1 for Majors, Precalculus Mathematics, General Physics 1, Introduction to Statistics, Introduction to Linea Algebra for Non-Mathematics Majors, College Algebra

CU Boulder Course Codes

MCEN 1025, MATH 1012, PHYS 1115, MATH 1150, PHYS 1110, MATH 2510, MATH 2130, MATH 1011

Personal Bio

Hey All! I am a Mechanical Engineering grad student with focus in Product Design. I love CAD modelling in Solid Works, coming up with new and improved design solutions to everything/product around us.
I am a soccer enthusiast and a decent badminton player. I have also developed a passion towards teaching lately that brings me here for tutoring. 🤓. I hope we can have fun sessions of teaching and learning together. 🤘