Ben Holmquist

Aerospace Engineering

CU Boulder Class of 2021

10 Reviews $20/hr


Computer Science, Information Sciences


Introduction to Computational Thinking, Computational Reasoning 1: Expression and Media Transformation

CU Boulder Course Codes

CSCI 1200, INFO 1201

Personal Bio

Hello! I'm Ben. I've been into aerospace stuff for as long as I can remember and was really excited to pursue a degree in it. I've done very well in my classes and feel very confident teaching a variety of math and engineering subjects... just keep me away from chemistry!

I feel very confident tutoring basic computing (Excel and other software) as well as Python. Love python it's super cool. Also, Im getting pretty good with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and react.

I think teaching is a really great pursuit and I'm happy to be on Penji. I've always enjoyed helping my peers and feel that I'm a very patient person who can break down problems well and ensure that the student I'm teaching fully understands. I look forward to helping you in your classes!