Garrett Hempy

Computer Science

CU Boulder Class of 2021

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Computer Science


Computer Science 1: Starting Computing, Computer Science 2: Data Structures

CU Boulder Course Codes

CSCI 1300, CSCI 2270

Personal Bio

Hey everyone, I am a junior majoring in computer science here at CU Boulder. Some of my personal interests include snowboarding, EDM, DJing, and coding. I’ve taken all required CS courses up through algorithms and currently taking principles of programming languages and database systems. The languages I have been exposed to or are proficient in are C++, Python, Scala, SQL, C, x86-64 Assembly, and HTML/CSS. When I was taking 1300 and 2270, I realized that it was very difficult to get help for projects when every other student needed help as well. I became very good at finding answers to very specific questions or problems I encountered while programming, and I don’t want other people to spend hours on Google for small, simple questions. I chose to Major in computer science because I have always been comfortable with technology, and learned a lot about computers when I built my very first gaming PC. Ever since that moment, I knew that my career was going to involve something with computers, and when I applied to Boulder I declared computer science.