Josh Wild


CU Boulder Class of 2022




Chemistry, Neuroscience, Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology, Integrative Physiology


General Chemistry 1, Introduction to Neuroscience, Principles of Genetics, Laboratory in General Chemistry 1, Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology, From Dirt to DNA: Phage Genomics Laboratory 1, Introduction to Human Anatomy, General Chemistry 2

CU Boulder Course Codes

CHEM 1113, NRSC 2100, MCDB 2150, CHEM 1114, MCDB 1150, MCDB 1161, IPHY 3410, CHEM 1133

Personal Bio

Hi all!

My name’s Josh and I’m a current sophomore at CU. I’m teaching lots of the standard pre-health classes

Outside of class, I’m in the Golden Buffalo Marching Band and basketball band (sko buffs) and I spend most of my free time either climbing or snowboarding.