Kristen Plonsky

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Spanish Language & Culture

CU Boulder Class of 2020




Chemistry, Philosophy, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Spanish, History, College of Media_Communication_and_Information, Physics


General Chemistry 1, Introduction to Philosophy, General Biology 1, General Biology 2, Laboratory in General Chemistry 1, Second-Year Spanish 2, Principles of Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Introductory Chemistry, Introduction to Modern Latin American History since 1800, Beginning Spanish 2, Second-Year Spanish 1, Advanced Spanish Language Skills, Concepts and Creativity 1: Media_Communication_Information, Beginning Spanish 1, Physics of Everyday Life 1

CU Boulder Course Codes

CHEM 1113, PHIL 1000, EBIO 1210, EBIO 1220, CHEM 1114, SPAN 2120, EBIO 2040, EBIO 3080, CHEM 1021, HIST 1028, SPAN 1020, SPAN 2110, SPAN 3000, CMCI 1010, SPAN 1010, PHYS 1010

Personal Bio

I’m Kristen, and I love travel, animals, and a whole bunch of other basic things. I enjoy getting to know other people and helping them whenever I can. Although I really have no idea what I want to do with my degrees, teaching and helping others has always been one of my passions, so being a tutor-mentor helps me gain experience in that field.
I was an undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Intro to Quantitative Thinking for Biologists in spring of 2018, and I am currently an undergrad TA for Biology and Society.
I’m pretty flexible and willing to work on a variety of topics with you, for however long you need it, even if it just means finding good study habits or useful tips to help you succeed in college.