Madison Smith


CU Boulder Class of 2021






General Chemistry 1, Organic Chemistry 2, Organic Chemistry 1

CU Boulder Course Codes

CHEM 1113, CHEM 3331, CHEM 3311

Personal Bio

Hi everyone! I love chemistry!! I took gen chem 1 and 2 freshman year and earned A’s in both. The following year I took ochem 1 and Ochem 2 and ended with over a 100% in ochem 2! I’ve even made my own YouTube channel and website called Madison’s chemistry where I explain organic chemistry topics, share my study habits, and make study guides and worksheets! I was a LA for gen chem 1 last year and tutored gen chem 1, gen chem 2, and ochem 1 as well!

I also love tea, dancing, tennis, and Indian food! I am a premed student in hopes of one day being an assistant professor and a geriatric physician!