Munkhbayan "Bryan" Togtokh

Computer Science & Economics

CU Boulder Class of 2020




Computer Science, Philosophy, Economics, Psychology, Political Science, Literature_Culture_Thought


Computer Science 1: Starting Computing, Ethics, Principles of Microeconomics, General Psychology, Introduction to Western Philosophy: Ancient, Introduction to American Politics, Greek and Roman Mythology, Fundamentals of Human Computer Interaction, Principles of Macroeconomics, Computer Science 2: Data Structures, Software Development Methonds and Tools

CU Boulder Course Codes

CSCI 1300, PHIL 1100, ECON 2010, PSYC 1001, PHIL 1010, PSCI 1101, CLAS 1100, CSCI 3002, ECON 2020, CSCI 2270, CSCI 3308