Oceane Andreis

Computer Science

CU Boulder Class of 2020

8 Reviews $20/hr


French, Computer Science


Second-Year French Grammar Review and Reading 1, French Current Events: Conversation and Composition, Second-Year French Grammar Review and Reading 2, French-American Cultural Differences, Introduction to Critical Reading and Writing in French Literature, Software Development Methods and Tools, Beginning French 2, Beginning French 1, Computer Systems

CU Boulder Course Codes

FREN 2110, FREN 3500, FREN 2120, FREN 3700, FREN 3100, CSCI 3308, FREN 1020, FREN 1010, CSCI 2400

Personal Bio

I love learning and I hope that comes across in my teaching. It is so valuable to take the time to absorb content. But sometimes life happens and we don’t have the time. Thus I hope to maximize our time together and help people become the best student they can be. I love talking about nerdy stuff and I love food.