Paul Lucero

Computer Science

CU Boulder Class of 2020

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Computer Science, Information Sciences, Applied Math


Computer Science 1: Starting Computing, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science 2: Data Structures, Theory of Computation, Introduction to Computational Thinking, Discrete Structures, Algorithms, Computational Reasoning 2: Representations of Data, Introduction to Data Science with Probability and Statistics, Principles of Programming Languages, Applied Probability, Computational Reasoning 1: Expression and Media Transformation, Computer Systems, Design and Analysis of Operating Systems, Programming Project Workshop: Object-Oriented Programming

CU Boulder Course Codes

CSCI 1300, CSCI 3202, CSCI 2270, CSCI 3434, CSCI 1200, CSCI 2824, CSCI 3104, INFO 2201, CSCI 3022, CSCI 3155, APPM 3570, INFO 1201, CSCI 2400, CSCI 3753, CSCI 3010

Personal Bio

Hey, I'm Paul. I'm from Highlands Ranch, right here in Colorado, attending Boulder because of convenience and because of the Computer Science program, which I'm majoring in. I've got a very solid academic background - major GPA of 4.0, overall 3.97 - and I've covered pretty much everything as far as core CS goes, be it just figuring out how to code, data structures, algorithms, software development, & pretty much everything in between.

I've also dabbled in most topics outside of the curriculum. Got a question about graph theory, digital signal processing, reinforcement learning, or popular programming language libraries and conventions? Even if it's not official course material, I can almost certainly tell you where to look, or push your in the right direction.

I got into computers from installing software at a young age, then managing my family's technology, then automating stuff on my own machine; this has inspired a drive to learn that has been a major force for good in my life.

I spend most of my free time playing video games. I'm also somewhat of a music nerd; obsessing over my music library and what shows I want to catch is also a major time sink for me. If you need help with just about anything CS, I can help out.