Rachel Sheraden


CU Boulder Class of 2021

25 Reviews $20/hr


Chemistry, Mathematics


Introductory Chemistry, General Chemistry 1, Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematical Skills, Calculus 2, General Chemistry 2, Calculus 1, Environmental Chemistry 1

CU Boulder Course Codes

CHEM 1021, CHEM 1113, MATH 1012, MATH 2300, CHEM 1133, MATH 1300, CHEM 1011

Personal Bio

Hello! I’m a Denver, CO native in my third year at CU Boulder. I’m a huge chemistry and math nerd with an eye to becoming a researcher in the field of antivirals and drug discovery. I have worked as an undergraduate Learning Assistant for the math department; an experience which has boosted my passion for teaching. When I’m not working on academics, I enjoy doing tech for theatre, concert-going, hiking, and binging sci-fi shows.

**I do not accept day-of session requests**