Rob Balsewich


CU Boulder Class of 2021




Chemistry, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics, Anthropology


General Chemistry 1, Introduction to Neuroscience, Introduction to Philosophy, General Psychology, Introductory Cognitive Psychology, Laboratory Techniques in Neuroscience, Social Psychology, Language in U.S. Society, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

CU Boulder Course Codes

CHEM 1113, NRSC 2100, PHIL 1000, PSYC 1001, PSYC 2145, NRSC 2200, PSYC 2606, LING 1000, ANTH 2100

Personal Bio

Hi I'm Rob! I'm from Chicago and love art and music, especially live music (I play the drums). My current is GPA is 3.8 and I love inspiring learning in others. I can help with studying, note taking, and planning in many subjects!