Samuel Scheeres


CU Boulder Class of 2021






Calculus 2, Introduction to Linear Algebra, Analysis 1, Calculus 1, Calculus 3, Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

CU Boulder Course Codes

MATH 2300, MATH 3130, MATH 3001, MATH 1300, MATH 2400, MATH 2001

Personal Bio

Along with doing mathematics, I enjoy reading literature (things like poetry, fiction, philosophy, history), playing piano, writing poetry, journaling, studying things I find interesting, walking in the mountains, and being with friends and family. I grew up in Michigan, where most of my extended family lives. My parents, my sisters, and I moved to Boulder in 2008, when I was eleven, so I went to middle and high school here. I like to get involved in the community: I go to church on Sundays, and during the week I attend open mics and jam sessions in town.