Sarah Mannig

Technology, Arts and Media

CU Boulder Class of 2021

13 Reviews $20/hr


Physics, Computer Science, ATLAS


Light and Color for Nonscientists, Computer Science 1: Starting Computing, Sound and Music, Computer Science 2: Data Structures, Physics of Everyday Life 1, Image, Introduction to Computational Thinking, General Physics 1, Text, Web, Computer Science 1: Starting Computing-Engineering Applications

CU Boulder Course Codes

PHYS 1230, CSCI 1300, PHYS 1240, CSCI 2270, PHYS 1010, ATLS 2100, CSCI 1200, PHYS 1110, ATLS 2300, ATLS 2200, CSCI 1320

Personal Bio

Hi! My name’s Sarah, I am a 3rd year at CU studying TAM (technology, arts and media) and computer science. I’m from California, and I came to CU for skiing and engineering. I worked for the Physics department as a learning assistant, and I love physics (definitely my favorite science). I’m super passionate about TAM, I love the program and subject materials and am super excited to help spread that excitement about learning. In my free time, I like to ski, do yoga and paint.