Theodore Margoles

Computer Science

CU Boulder Class of 2020

104 Reviews $20/hr


Computer Science, Information Sciences


Computer Science 1: Starting Computing, Computer Science 2: Data Structures, Software Development Methods and Tools, Discrete Structures, Algorithms, Linear Algebra with Computer Science Applications, Computational Reasoning 1: Expression and Media Transformation, Computer Systems, Design and Analysis of Operating Systems

CU Boulder Course Codes

CSCI 1300, CSCI 2270, CSCI 3308, CSCI 2824, CSCI 3104, CSCI 2820, INFO 1201, CSCI 2400, CSCI 3753

Personal Bio

Love coding, working out, and drinking coffee! Come to me if you are having trouble with the following classes in csci: 1300, 2270, 2400, 2820, 2824, 3104, 3308, 3753, and the following in math: calculus 1 and calculus 3. I have had success in all of these classes and I want you to have success as well!! I can also help with general coding skills in C, C++, Python, HTML, javascript, if you need help with those languages.