Andrew Barrett

Materials Engineering

Cal Poly Class of 2023

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Calculus III, Precalculus Algebra I, Precalculus Algebra, Precalculus Trigonometry, Calculus I, Calculus II, Precalculus Algebra II, Calculus for the Life Sciences II

Cal Poly Course Codes

MATH 143, MATH 116, MATH 118, MATH 119, MATH 141, MATH 142, MATH 117, MATH 162

Personal Bio

Hi there! My name is Andrew Barrett, and I hail from a city called Santa Clarita(home of Six Flags, Magic Mountain) in SoCal. I’m an engineering student, an athlete, and an avid fan of musical theatre. I bake and cook in my free time, and play as much ping pong as my friends can handle. Any time left over after all that is spent trying new things or studying to make sure I never fall behind in my courses.

For a little background on my academic side of life: I ended high school with an SAT score of 1490, an ACT score of 35, and a GPA of 4.61. I took 12 APs, passing all of them and entering college with 95 credits. School has never been easy, but after enough hard work and study I can get a strong grasp of difficult topics.

Since arriving at Cal Poly I have attempted to truly immerse myself
In the engineering and dorm life. I’m in the Human Powered Vehicle club here on campus, and am truly dedicated to my success(and yours) in the coming school years.