Marlena Grobelny

Industrial Engineering

Cal Poly Class of 2020




Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Mathematics, Physics


Electric Circuit Theory, Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, Engineering Test Design and Analysis, Linear Analysis I, General Physics IA, Engineering Economics, Electronics, Calculus III, Calculus II

Cal Poly Course Codes

EE 201, STAT 321, IME 326, MATH 244, PHYS 141, IME 314, EE 321, MATH 143, MATH 142

Personal Bio

Hi there! I’m originally from the Bay Area, but I definitely love the city of San Luis Obispo much more. I started out as a math major at Cal Poly, then switched to Mechanical Engineering. Finally, I realized that Industrial Engineering would give me the best of both worlds. I’ve taken a variety of math and physics courses due to all of my changes of major, so I could definitely help you out with any of your struggles!