Stella Yoos


DU Class of 2021




Computer Science, Mathematics


Introduction to Computer Science I, Introduction to Computer Science II, Calculus I

DU Course Codes

COMP 1671, COMP 1672, MATH 1951

Personal Bio

Hi there!

My name is Stella, I'm originally from right here in Denver. I've lived a few different places in the state, but I loved the mountains here too much to go anywhere else.

I'm in my second year of three as a physics major. I've been doing computational astronomy research for the last year with the physics department here, focusing on binary star systems. So far I have been able to maintain a 4.0, which I attribute largely to being able to find something that interests me in every subject I take. When I am interested in things, I am more willing to work to understand them, and I enjoy them more.

I have always been fascinated by the way things works - from computers to stars to the universe. It is what drives me to learn more about everything around me, and something that I try to cultivate in all parts of my life.

Otherwise, I love getting in my car and driving around until I get lost - I find it to be the perfect way to learn about the world. I also love to cook and eat, especially stuff I have never tried before!