Ashmitha Mathukumar


NYU Class of 2020




Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Physics


Biochemistry I, Biostatistics, Principles of Biology I, Intro to Computer SCI, General Chemistry I & Laboratory, Molecular and Cell Biology I, Introduction to Computer Programming (No Prior Experience), General Physics I, General Physics II, General Chemistry II & Laboratory

NYU Course Codes

CHEM-UA 881, BIOL-UA 42, BIOL-UA 11, CSCI-UA 101, CHEM-UA 125, BIOL-UA 21, CSCI-UA 2, PHYS-UA 11, PHYS-UA 12, CHEM-UA 126

Personal Bio

Hi! I am a senior at NYU on the premedical track looking to attend medical school in Fall 2021. I teach math, science, and computer science courses. In my free time, I love to relax at Washington Square Park or spend some quality time with friends. Looking forward to providing all the help I can!