Evan Stark

Electrical Engineering

NYU Class of 2021




Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science


ELECTRICITY, MAGNETISM, & FLUIDS, Linear Algebra, Calculus II for Engineers, Calculus III: Multi-Dimensional Calculus, Data Structures and Algorithms, INTRO TO PROGRAMMING & PROBLEM SOLVING, Analytical Mechanics

NYU Course Codes

PH-UY 2023, MA-UY 3044, MA-UY 1124, MA-UY 2114, CS-UY 1134, CS-UY 1114, PH-UY 2104

Personal Bio

I just transferred to NYU Tandon as an undergrad, but I actually completed a degree in physics with a minor in math at Vassar College. (I had a last-minute epiphany in the spring that I wanted to do engineering instead of physics.) I love helping people and often get told I give really good explanations!