Meliha Hodzic

Civil Engineering

NYU Class of 2022




Mathematics, General Engineering, Civil & Urban Engineering, Expository Writing, Math


Precalculus for Engineers, Introduction to Engineering and Design, Introduction to Civil Engineering, THE ADVANCED COLLEGE ESSAY, Calculus I, Integrated Calculus I for Engineers, Writing The Essay:

NYU Course Codes

MA-UY 914, EG-UY 1003, CE-UY 1002, EXPOS-UA 2, MATH-UA 121, MA-UY 1324, EXPOS-UA 1

Personal Bio

I am from New York City. I go to NYU Tandon because their Civil Engineering program offers many opportunities to explore the career. It is a major that I love because it involves math and design and critical thinking. I am a full-time student and I am dedicated to learning and helping. My GPA is representative of this. Besides being dedicated to my studies, I am dedicated to being involved in peer activities outside of school so that I get to communicate with people about anything other than academics!