Sammy Lisa

Electrical & Computer Engineering

OSU Class of undefined




Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry


E&M, Optics, Modern Physics, Mechanics, Kinematics, Fluids, and Waves, Engineering Mathematics A, Calculus 1, General Chemistry I, E&M, Optics, Modern Physics, Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Waves

OSU Course Codes

PHYSICS 1251, PHYSICS 1200, MATH 1172, MATH 1151, CHEM 1210, PHYSICS 1201, PHYSICS 1250

Personal Bio

Hey! I'm a fellow buckeye hailing from Columbus in my second year studying electrical engineering. I'm currently a member of the Electronics Club, Italian club, and Humanitarian Engineering Scholars Program here at OSU. I'm a big fan of the Cavaliers (yes, even before LeBron came back) and I like to play/watch sports in general. As for future aspirations, I'd love for the chance to try my hand at entrepreneurship or work for an innovative company like SpaceX.