Alannah Woodward

Computer science

UC Davis Class of 2020

17 Reviews $20/hr


mathematics, Mathematics, chemistry, Engineering Computer Science, Computer Science,


Calculus for BioSci, Short Calculus, Calculus for BioSci, Calculus for BioSci, Short Calculus, General Chemistry, Programming, Calculus, Calculus, Intro to Data Structures, Data Structures, Short Calculus, Discrete Math for CS, Calculus, Object-Oriented Program, Intro to Programming, Linear Algebra, Machine Dependent Prog

UC Davis Course Codes

MAT 17A, MAT 16B, MAT 17C, MAT 17B, MAT 16A, CHE 2A, ECS 36A, MAT 21B, MAT 21A, ECS 32B, ECS 36C, MAT 16C, ECS 20, MAT 21C, ECS 36B, ECS 32A, MAT 22A, ECS 50

Personal Bio

Hi there! I’m from Anaheim (yes Disneyland) and currently study at UC Davis and love it here. I have a 3.8 GPA. I’m actually quite good at computer science and would love to help you. I really enjoying meeting new people and also love dogs and cats (yes I can show you pictures of mine)! In my free time I’m either playing basketball, Pokémon go, or some nerdy thing. Hopefully I’m able to help you better understand what it is you’re struggling with.