Leann Sotelo

Cognitive Science - Computational

UC Davis Class of 2020




Psychology, Linguistics, Comparative Literature, statistics, Philosophy, psychology, Political Science


Intro to Bio Psych, Intro Linguistics, Major Wrks Ancient World, Cognitive Neuroscience, Elementary Statistics, Research Meth in Psych, Perception, Intro to Symbol Logic, General Psychology, Intro Cognitive Science, Minds Brains Comp w/Disc, Scientific Study Politic

UC Davis Course Codes

PSC 101, LIN 1, COM 1, PSC 135, STA 13, PSC 41, PSC 131, PHI 12, PSC 1, PHI 10, PHI 13G, POL 51

Personal Bio

Hi!! Im from American Canyon, CA (between Napa and Vallejo) and chose UC Davis based on proximity to my hometown and its prestige of course. Go Ags 🐮!

I'm just a well-rounded nerd who is taking all the patience and experience I learned from video games (and school...) to help others.

My major is very holistic so I can help out with anything from Philosophy, Computer Science, Psychology, Linguistics and other Cognitive Science courses! I was a research assistant for Jorge Pena studying behavioral effects of videos games and am currently a marketing intern at the Office of Research where I market the ground-breaking technologies before they are patented (very hush hush!).

Cognitive Science has allowed me to pursue interesting topics in a variety of classes and departments and helps me further my love of both video games and the brain! Id be happy to talk more about video games at our session as well :)