Nikhil Razdan

Computer Science

UC Davis Class of 2020

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Engineering Computer Science, Computer Science, Economics, , University Writing Program, Mathematics


Programming, Intro to Data Structures, Data Structures, Intermed Micro Theory, Computer Architecture, Discrete Math for CS, Object-Oriented Program, Intro to Programming, Algorithm Design & Anyls, Journalism, Linear Algebra

UC Davis Course Codes

ECS 36A, ECS 32B, ECS 36C, ECN 100A, ECS 154A, ECS 20, ECS 36B, ECS 32A, ECS 122A, UWP 104C, MAT 22A

Personal Bio

Hi, I'm Nikhil! I'm a Junior Computer Science Major at UC Davis with a 3.8 CS GPA. I have been coding avidly since I was in high school, so I know a lot about CS and programming. I have also worked at a startup located in Texas called PoLTE, where we improved GPS tracking by triangulating digital signals.

In addition to my CS passion, I'm a huge fan of music. My favorite artists are Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean, but I enjoy everything from Queen to Lana Del Rey. I could talk about music for hours!

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