Shradha Singh

Genetics and Genomics

UC Davis Class of 2020

24 Reviews $20/hr


Statistics, mathematics, Biological Sciences, Biology, chemistry, Anthropology, biological sciences, Chemistry, Geology, psychology


Applied Stat for Bio Sci, Calculus for BioSci, Introduction to Biology, Calculus for BioSci, Introduction to Biology, General Chemistry, Primate Socioecol, Genes & Gene Expression, Organic Chem Health Sci, Paleobiology, Introduction to Biology, Organic Chemistry-Brief, General Chemistry, Cultural Anthropology, General Psychology, Human Osteology, Intro to Archaeology, Organic Chemistry-Brief

UC Davis Course Codes

STA 100, MAT 17A, BIS 2B, MAT 17B, BIS 2C, CHE 2A, ANT 154A, BIS 101, CHE 118A, GEL 107, BIS 2A, CHE 8B, CHE 2C, ANT 2, PSC 1, ANT 156A, ANT 3, CHE 8A

Personal Bio

Hi there! My name is Shradha, and I am a third year Genetics and Genomics major at UC Davis. I have taken and finished the BIS 2 and Che 2 series here at Davis with A’s and A-‘s in all 3 parts, and have also acted as a learning assistant for Che 2C. When I’m not studying, you can find me at the library.... enjoying a nice, non-assigned novel.