Varsha Senthil

Electrical Engineering

UC Davis Class of 2022




mathematics, Mathematics, chemistry, Classics


Calculus for BioSci, Short Calculus, Calculus for BioSci, Short Calculus, General Chemistry, Calculus, Calculus, Word Roots

UC Davis Course Codes

MAT 17A, MAT 16B, MAT 17B, MAT 16A, CHE 2A, MAT 21B, MAT 21A, CLA 30

Personal Bio

Hi, I’m a sophomore who LOVES to learn new things and share them! I love to talk and discuss concepts and relate them to things we see every day! I love making things light up (ooh pretty colors!) so that’s probably why I love electrical engineering! I believe in the importance of active learning and am always ready to work hard to meet goals! I have so many things I want to do: teach, work with hardware, open a restaurant (even though I’m not the best at cooking?), and so much more ahh I just want to do everything! I’m always super excited and enthusiastic, and will always be supportive and encouraging!