Enrico Ruffolo

Engineering Physics

UIUC Class of 2022




Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer


Calculus I, Thinking Mathematically, Theory of Arithmetic, Calculus, Microeconomic Principles, University Physics: Mechanics, Preparation for Calculus, Introductory Chemistry, Calculus II, Intro Computing: Non-Tech, Intro Differential Equations, Algebra, Intro Computing: Engrg & Sci, University Physics: Elec & Mag, Relativity & Math Applications, College Physics: Mech & Heat, Calculus III, Intro to Computer Science

UIUC Course Codes

MATH 221, MATH 101, MATH 103, MATH 220, ECON 102, PHYS 211, MATH 115, CHEM 101, MATH 231, CS 105, MATH 285, MATH 112, CS 101, PHYS 212, PHYS 225, PHYS 101, MATH 241, CS 125

Personal Bio

I’m a sophomore in Engineering Physics, but I’m planning to transfer to Mechanical Engineering this semester. I originally chose Physics due to my innate interest in discovering the underlying principles which govern our world. I found the courses I took to be too fundamental but have grown very fond of the course material. I’ve had a lot of tutoring experience throughout high school and my first year in college. Outside of classes I’m involved in many RSO’s related to engineering and having fun. I play on the Men’s Club Soccer team and am a member of Sigma Phi Delta.