Joshua Whitman

Mechanical Engineering

UIUC Class of 2021




Mathematics, Theoretical and Applied, Mechanical, Physics, Computer, , Chemistry


Calculus I, Thinking Mathematically, Differential Equations, Fundamental Mathematics, Introductory Solid Mechanics, Theory of Arithmetic, Heat Transfer, Applied Linear Algebra, Abstract Linear Algebra, Calculus, Intro to Abstract Algebra, University Physics: Mechanics, Introductory Matrix Theory, Introductory Fluid Mechanics, Univ Physics: Quantum Physics, Preparation for Calculus, Statics, Introduction to Statics, Honors Real Analysis, Ideas in Geometry, Thermodynamics, Elementary Linear Algebra, Mechanical Design II, Introductory Dynamics, Elementary Real Analysis, Univ Physics: Thermal Physics, Signal Processing, Calculus II, Intro to Differential Eq Plus, Engineering Materials, Intro Differential Equations, Dynamics of Mechanical Systems, College Physics: E&M & Modern, Algebra, Mechanical Design I, Classical Mechanics I, Intro Computing: Engrg & Sci, University Physics: Elec & Mag, A Mathematical World, Finite Mathematics, Real Variables, Electrical and Electronic Circuits, College Physics: Mech & Heat, Computer-Aided Design, Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics, General Chemistry I, Calculus III, Basic Discrete Mathematics, Introduction to Robotics

UIUC Course Codes

MATH 221, MATH 101, MATH 441, MATH 347, TAM 251, MATH 103, ME 320, MATH 415, MATH 416, MATH 220, MATH 417, PHYS 211, MATH 225, TAM 335, PHYS 214, MATH 115, TAM 211, TAM 210, MATH 424, MATH 119, ME 200, MATH 125, ME 371, TAM 212, MATH 444, PHYS 213, ME 360, MATH 231, MATH 286, ME 330, MATH 285, ME 340, PHYS 102, MATH 112, ME 370, PHYS 325, CS 101, PHYS 212, MATH 181, MATH 124, MATH 447, ECE 205, PHYS 101, ME 170, ME 310, CHEM 102, MATH 241, MATH 213, ME 445

Personal Bio

I’ve been tutoring for 7 years and I’ve taught everything math, engineering, and physics. No matter what your skill level, I am confident that together we can achieve your goals!