Kairan Yang

Statistics and Computer Science

UIUC Class of 2023




Mathematics, Japanese, Chemistry, Computer


Calculus, Elementary Japanese I, Calculus II, General Chemistry I, Intro to Computer Science

UIUC Course Codes

MATH 220, JAPN 201, MATH 231, CHEM 102, CS 125

Personal Bio

Hi fellows, I am Kairan but you guys are free to call me Kevin!

I am a freshman from U of Illinois and is majoring in Statistics and Computer Science right now. I have passed a list of introductory courses (using AP credits for most) before entering the campus. For the classes I am currently taking, I am maintaining a 3.85 gpa, and will get an A+ in CS 173.

I am available for tutoring in many introductory science courses including Math 220,231,241, CS 125, Introductory Chemistry. I am also able to tutor in Japanese 201 and 202 since I passed the first level of the Japanese proficiency exam. Plus, I was born in China so Chinese is my mother tongue, and I can tutor Chinese at all levels from beginner to advanced!