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Build a next-generation first year experience

Increase engagement and attendance of FYE events with Smart Sends via text and email, a university-wide calendar, and the top mobile app in higher education.

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Drive up engagement across FYE  events

UGA Posts.png

Personalized calendar of events and tasks

Pre-build your schedule of "Posts" before students arrive to campus. Assign specific students to specific posts - for example, a post could be a fit for one residence hall's students. 

With your Posts set, students can see their own personalized "Posts Board" (shown on the left) and click into each to learn more and take any desired actions.

Finally, you'll see granular data on student's explorations of this board.

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Texts are more effective at reaching students

Our Fall '22 pilot at UGA helped to drive a 40% increase in overall FYE attendance across 16 events. Text message was a key driver in this

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Demo of text-based communication workflows

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