Free Video Support for Learning Centers

On March 11th, CU Boulder announced the decision to go fully online for the remainder of Spring. This impacts our partner ASAP Tutoring significantly. After speaking with them, we’ve established a game plan to move them entirely online by March 18th, continuing services that their students depend on.


We've decided to offer Penji free of charge for all schools through Spring and Summer. We’ve adjusted our platform to allow a setup that takes less than a day, enabling you to move scheduled or drop-in tutoring sessions online via Zoom. This doesn’t require a Zoom plan and requires no commitment to use or pay for Penji at any point in the future.


While Penji is a business, our focus has remained and will always remain on helping students. You can read more on our COVID-19 response here and can get started with Penji below. Feel free to reach out to me at or (925)-519-4859 any time. Whether or not you use Penji, transitioning your services online is doable and doesn’t have to disrupt your service to students. Good luck!

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Ben Holmquist

CEO Penji


How it Works


Submit setup information below and we’ll build your environment (earliest delivery date will be 3/18).


Request an expedited review from your IT or security teams - here are terms of service and privacy policy.


Upon environment delivery, you can configure options and authorize tutor emails in the admin panel.


Tutors make accounts in Penji, adding availability and authorizing Zoom; students can now book sessions.

Sessions are requested on mobile

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App provides meeting ID for use on desktop

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Give us a call at 925-519-4859, or email at