A single platform for all of your services

Advising, tutoring, coaching, student transitions; a campus can be greater than the sum of its parts. Unlock the power of collaboration and unified data.
A university administrator interacting with information collected and organized using Penji.

Simplify your technology stack

Communications + Scheduling + CRM
A single tool to meet the diverse needs of service centers around campus.
Intrusive text and email
Penji’s unique “workflows” drive higher action rates by students - task completions, event signups, etc.
Unified data
With all of your centers on one tool, easily review combined data to better understand students.
Rapid development
Launched in 2019, Penji is the fastest growing product in the space. Weekly releases are driven by customer feedback.
Penji has the top-rated mobile app in higher ed. 52% of student traffic in Penji occurs through mobile.
Consultative approach
You have objectives and the Penji team can help you get there. We are dedicated to helping our partners win.
One tool for every unit
Advanced Scheduling
We work with tutoring, advising, coaching, career, financial and more. Our intuitive and mobile-first design makes life easy for each kind of user.
Email and text communications
Nudge students into taking key actions. SMS text, a unique “Post Details” page, and automated workflows set Penji apart.
An android phone displaying a calendar interface hovering in front of a laptop displaying a details of a group tutoring session.
Give students timely and clear directions
SMS text-based workflows
Penji nudges students to a “Post Details” page for more information and clear next steps. This clarifies the multitude of tools on campus.
Send students on unique pathways
Honors programs, TRiO, FYE, and more - let units craft communication “Pathways” and add the appropriate students.
Break down silos between units
Unified student history
Share data across units to build collective understanding of students. Granular data controls give staff varying levels of access to different data.
Campus-wide data
Say goodbye to the painful process of aggregating data from different units using different tools. End-of-term reporting is a breeze with standardized data and dashboards.
Card detailing communication history with a student. Gives brief biographical information and then individual instances of communication.
Schedule a demo
These demos are back and forth discussions where we learn about your goals and show you parts of the product that can help you achieve them.
Penji makes life easier.
Fewer clicks per task
And fewer emails! Key automations to make your center run like magic.
Stop fighting your software
We user-test our workflows to ensure that each is crystal clear and easy to use
Fastest growing higher ed services platform