Nudge students into taking action

Campus units use text and email “Pathways” to increase engagement with key workflows: schedule advising, complete form, RSVP for event, etc.
Student walking in front of a flow-chart showing three examples of different communication "Pathways"
Students prefer texting
UGA up 38%, Utah up 52%
The “Welcome UGA” program saw almost 40% higher event attendance after bulk texting with Pathways; Utah’s first-year advising program saw 52% more appointments completed after adding texting.
Controlled opt-outs
Many programs are concerned about abusing the texting channel, but 80% of students prefer text as their primary channel for relevant communications. We help students opt in/out as they desire.
A mobile device displaying a lock screen with a text notification pop-up that reads "It's time for first-year advising! Click here to schedule a time:"
Student data block showing student photo and information including name, year, major, GPA, hometown, ethnicity, standing, and admit term.
Make data-driven decisions
Import any SIS data
After setup, you’ll have access to a list of all students on campus with key fields like grade, academic standing, hometown, first-gen, ethnicity, and whatever else you’d like.
Review engagement data by segment
Filter the student list to the fields you’d like and save as a segment. Send those segments communications, tasks, or events, and review engagement patterns across segments.
Student data block showing student photo and information including name, year, major, GPA, hometown, ethnicity, standing, and admit term.
Student Posts Board
A personal to-do list
All of your events and tasks can be published to a student’s personal posts board. Think of this like their own to-do list.
Admin data for which posts are popular
Penji tracks which posts are generating the most views and clicks, helping you understand (1) how new students are engaging with your content and (2) which items are the most interesting to them.
A mobile phone displaying an interface titled "Student Posts Board," a personalized to-do list for students.
Peer Tutors
Sessions per year
Staff needed to run the center
“I absolutely give Penji my highest recommendation. The extensive data and autonomy it gives students and tutors does not compare to other software.”
A blonde woman wearing glasses and a black sweater over a red top smiling at the camera
Sarah Cramer
University of Georgia's PLaTO Program
Schedule a demo
These demos are back and forth discussions where we learn about your goals and show you parts of the product that can help you achieve them.
Penji makes life easier.
Fewer clicks per task
And fewer emails! Key automations to make your center run like magic.
Stop fighting your software
We user-test our workflows to ensure that each is crystal clear and easy to use
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