Tutor Center Support FAQ

Is Penji GDPR and CCAP compliant?

Yes. Penji has focused on implementing secure coding practices, selecting robust providers to work with like Amazon Web Services, and establishing processes that lead to strong data security and privacy.

Is Penji ADA compliant?

Yes - during our first launch at CU Boulder in Fall, we underwent and passed a “high-impact” ADA review.

Are there how-to resources I can share with remote students?

Yes, we have multiple pieces of documentation to help students understand how to use Penji in this remote setting, including PDF’s and video walkthroughs.

Is Penji available on desktop as well as mobile?

Penji is available in both desktop (web application) and mobile formats. We began as a mobile-only product, and we believe we offer the best mobile experience available in the tutoring space. This leads to great student engagement!

How long does Penji take to set up?

Once you’ve shared all relevant information with us, we can setup your environment within 24 hours. The longest portion seems to be security and privacy review by your internal teams. They can get started looking at our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

How does video-based tutoring work with Penji?

Penji has chosen to build out smooth integrations with top video providers like Zoom instead of building our own in-app video. Video appointments are automatically generated via your app of choice with links embedded into the Penji experience. This allows you to use your institutionally supported provider for sessions.