Tutor Center Support FAQ

Is Penji GDPR and CCAP compliant?

Is Penji ADA compliant?

Are there how-to resources I can share with remote students?

Is Penji available on desktop as well as mobile?

How long does Penji take to set up?

If we use Penji now, for free, do I have to commit to paying later?

Is there a maximum number of tutors I can have on this free plan?

What if our university doesn’t have a Zoom subscription?

How does Zoom-based drop-in tutoring work?

Do you have an integrated whiteboard feature?

How does video-based tutoring work with Penji?

Private Tutoring FAQ

Can I trust Penji to keep my payment information safe?

How do I begin a session?

Is Penji safe?

How do you screen and train tutors?

Is your app secure?

How does Penji work?

How do I book a session?