It all started...

As many stories do, with a D+ in thermodynamics. All right, maybe just this one. Penji cofounder Ben Holmquist looked around for help but couldn't find much. The scene was UC Davis, 2015 - shouldn’t there be someone to sit down with? What about older students?

Cofounder Ricardo Matsui, on the other hand, was a top level CS student who'd already been building official UC Davis apps. Both Ricardo and Ben saw huge potential in a simple fact:

Students teach each other incredibly quickly.

Thus began the Penji mission to personalize college through peer education. We began by doing it all ourselves - hiring and training tutors, building a great platform, and marketing Penji. We connected 2,000 tutoring sessions this way.


But eventually, we realized something critical - universities are already doing an amazing job on the hiring and tutor-training front, but often have undeveloped interfaces and technology. So, today, Penji is 100% focused on helping campus support centers deliver an amazing experience for students, which now extends beyond tutoring to advising, mentoring, coaching, and more.


If you're a student at a Penji campus, check out your tutoring centers and other resources - we think you'll be surprised at how easy the experience is!

What's with the Penguin?

First off, his name is Penji and he likes to be addressed directly.

Second, penguins take care of each other. He's come all the way from the antarctic to teach us humans how to do the same.

Thanks, Penji.