Student support, simplified.

Penji brings a new level of accessibility to tutoring, mentoring, and advising in college.

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The interface between support centers and students


Penji partners with on-campus centers

We are a simple add-on for advising, tutoring, and coaching programs that boosts utilization and organizes your processes. We can support many centers on campus, each segmented into separate communities.


Students sign up in Penji

During onboarding, users can join communities that they qualify for. For example, Jonathan might join the Economics Advising Center, TRIO SSS Tutoring, and First-Year Mentoring.


Students book relevant sessions

Our mobile and webapps offer modern, mobile-first scheduling. This includes direct booking from calendars, drop-in checkins, group sessions, in-app chat, session reminders, user feedback, and more.


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A seamless student experience

Our mobile app drives a smooth and efficient tutoring experience. Browse tutors, reach out via in-app chat, share resources, and meet on -campus for your sessions.

For Students
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Saving program administrators' time

For Universities

How Penji Came to Be

The Penji founders, studying Computer Science and Aerospace at UC Davis, found peers to be the ultimate resource. This inspired the Penji mission - to deliver personalized help to any student who needs it. And after a long and bumpy road, Penji has found the path to making this happen at scale.



A seamless student experience

Support is now a tap away! Our mobile app drives a smooth and efficient scheduling experience. Browse providers, schedule sessions, and meet online or in-person, spanning tutoring, mentoring, and advising.

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Saving program administrators' time

Admins are overloaded with work. Penji automates the mundane parts of your job - you'll see most sessions going off automatically, without a hitch, and be able to monitor activity in your real-time data dashboard.

What people are saying


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I used Penji all throughout my sophomore year and I swear it was the only reason I passed Chemistry. Transferring to CSU for the remainder of my college years and am so so sad it’s not yet established there. PLEASE BRING IT TO CSU!
Mikaela T.
CU Boulder '23
Advertising and Media Design

Program Administrators

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"I absolutely give Penji my highest recommendation. The access to data, autonomy for students and tutors, and ability to automate administrative tasks we were doing by hand do not compare to other software's. We have seen substantial growth in student engagement and tutor offerings.
Sarah Jeffery
University of Georgia
Coordinator of Peer Education

How Penji Came to Be

Ben, Ben, and Ricardo each noticed the huge impact of peer learning in their UC Davis journeys.

Having a friend or study group makes a world of difference in a class. Penji's mission is to make peer learning a structured part of higher education, encouraging faster learning and deeper relationships as key outcomes.

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