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Tutors for your college journey

Penji brings your school's tutoring resources under one umbrella, putting help at your fingertips.

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How It Works

Penji offers free tutoring, in partnership with the school, and paid tutoring from on-campus peers (when no free tutors are available).

Make an account with your school email

Download our mobile app and signup with your school email. You’ll be placed into your school’s unique environment. In it, you’ll find various communities in the side menu, representing different sets of tutors you can book.

Join your classes and book a session

Penji has classes and locations custom to each campus. First, pick a community - for example, ASAP Tutoring at CU Boulder offers free group tutoring for on-campus freshman.

Meet with your tutor

Most sessions happen in-person and on-campus, although some communities will have video sessions as well. Before your session, ensure you’ve shared materials with your tutor so they can prepare. Be on-time, be respectful, and relax - your tutor is another student who understands the struggle. They’re there to help.


What Students Have Been Saying

My tutor is extremely helpful, works around my own schedule, and is just an overall awesome peer. And when he's not able to meet, someone else will be. Way more effective than all other tutoring services I have tried.

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Mikaela T. 
CU Boulder '21
Advertising and Media Design

Penji Blog: College Success

Tutors, users, and the Penji team all write their good ideas down, for all to benefit from.

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