Helping tutoring centers reach more students

Penji integrates with your tutoring center to save admin time and increase student utilization.

We guarantee a 25% increase in utilization and a 25% decrease in admin costs, or your money back

Penji offers an instant upgrade

Easy Setup

Get a small pilot running, no-risk, in a matter of days.


Efficient booking. Intuitive design. Real-time chat. Penji puts students first.

Customized to You

Booking flows, student logs, session attributes, and more! All tailored.


ASAP nearly doubled utilization in their first semester

ASAP Tutoring at CU Boulder chose Penji to power their small-group tutoring service. In their first semester, ASAP and Penji served 85% more students than previous all-time highs alongside dramatically simpler administration.


vs all-time high

Admin Time


per session

Students Served

"To say that this implementation went well would be an understatement. Working with the Penji team has been a wonderful experience. The software is very accessible to students, and we're on track to double utilization this year!"
Laura Arroyo
CU Boulder
Assistant Director for Residence Life

Easy setup, great student experience

We partner with centers that offer free tutoring to their students. We aim to be painless to set up, a joy for students to use, and to reduce the management load on staff.

Quick and easy setup


Define your program

1-on-1 or group? Single or recurring sessions? Walk-in or scheduled-ahead? Booking and feedback?


Classes, Locations, User Lists

You can adjust these lists yourself in the future. At this point, tutors can signup in-app.



You're ready to go! Send students to Penji to browse tutors and attend sessions.


Monitor and analyze activity

Customizable exports include session attendance, feedback logs, tutor availability, and more.

5-min walkthrough for admins

And your first semester is free.

An experience students love

Mobile-first, intuitive design, and direct-to-tutor chat make a world of difference for engagement.


Billed once a year, driven by tutor count at that time.

COVID-19 Response Plan


Free for Spring and Summer, no Fall commitment req'd

1-on-1, small-group, or drop-in

In-app messaging and scheduling

Zoom-support for all modes

Tutor, learner, and admin how-to resources



per tutor, per month, billed annually

Free after 50 tutors

Everything in Starter, plus:

Partially Customized Booking Flow

Student / tutor feedback logs

Group sessions, group chat

Basic Reporting

Email support, 2 day response time



per tutor, per month, billed annually

Free after 50 tutors

Everything in Growth, plus:

1 Feature Request per Semester

Fully Customized Booking Flow

Group file sharing

Diverse Reporting

Integration with IT

Phone support


By Quote

A single experience for all tutoring on campus.

We'll bring each tutoring center into Penji, with their own attributes and experience. 

Simplify administration and provide clear student pathways.

Free after __ tutors

Pricing FAQ

Are we billed monthly?

No, you'll be billed once a year. Your annual price is set by the quantity of tutors in the program at the beginning of the launch semester.

Can I bring on more tutors throughout the year?

Yes, and you won't be charged more. The next annual payment will simply be adjusted to the number of tutors at that time. For example, you launch a basic plan with 30 tutors - your annual payment will be ($8/tutor/month) * (30 tutors) * (12 months) = $2,880. New hiring in the year will simply drive a higher annual annual payment for the following year, capped at the maximums above.

Are we basic/advanced or university-wide?

Basic/advanced plans are intended for single tutoring centers on campus that support a specific subset of students (for example, one college, freshman, or writing only). If you are the centralized location for tutoring on campus, with an aim to support all students and supporting diverse tutoring modes, we will prepare a custom quote.

Try a test environment today

Get a feel for Penji. We'll send you a unique demo environment to explore.

Request a Test Environment

We'll send you info and instructions.


Direct, Mobile chat

Tutor-managed calendars

Advanced group tutoring support

Session Reminders via Push Notifications

ADA Compliant

Appointments and Walk-In Support

Attendance Logging

Diverse Reporting

Video Tutoring Capabilities

FERPA Compliant

Data deletion and security processes

Customizable session feedback forms